Are your customers finding you on the internet?

Create your myfood digital menu to come into our new restaurant search engine. An example? Somebody is looking for, in the surroundings, a place which offers a certain dish without a certain allergen. And that restaurant could be yours!

Bring your menu to the people working in the surroundings

Discover “andiamo a pranzo”! (in italian)

myfood è anche…
Online menu
Easily create your menu in 5 languages (Italian, English, German, Russian, Slovenian). You can update them with one click, Customize with pictures and tell the story of your dishes. You can also print the menus in the language and with the information you want (allergens, ingredients, prices ...)
Availability on 24hrs
You have the menu under your full control. You can make it available to your clients, anywhere, 24 hrs/ 24. Thanks to a simple QR code, the menu is accessible by smartphones and tablet even outside your premises
Compliance with the allergens regulations
Indicate the allergens contained in the dishes in your menu as stated by. reg. 1169/2011. For your clients’ security and to avoid cumbersome sanctions
myfood website
Add information about your food and your restaurant: contacts, address, opening hours, available services, etc. Tell your customer all he wants to know about your food!
Means of communication
Uses food as a means of communication. You can publish the menu on your website, share it on the social media, add the QR code to your brochure. Your customers will choose your place for what makes it really unique: your food