myfood for your restaurant

Why myfood for your restaurant?

With myfood you do #menumarketing,
it means that you can do better advertising through your menu.

Insert your menu in myfood and obtain immediately three tools for your business and your customers:

1. Online menu

  • Your customer can exclude dishes that contains one or more allergens or just shows dishes that are veg, bio,
  • The customer can easily browse menus (classic, daily menu, children menu, special menu, etc.)
  • The menu get multilingual and ingredients
    are already in 4 languages
    (Italian, English, German, Russian)
  • Dishes are rich of useful information for the customer
    (images, allergens, characteristics,
    ingredients, price, ecc.)

Why an online menu?

  1. Bring your menu outside the restaurant and start doing #menumarketing
  2. If you publish your myfood menu online, you have lots of advantages without extra effort (myfood website, compliance to allergens regulation, more customer, faster menu management…)

2. Physical menu

  • You can print the menu with a click:
    in 6 different templates
  • 14 allergens are highlighted fllowing UE reg. 1169/2011
  • A QR
    is automatically created, to give customer a quick access to the menu, to your website and your social networks

And what about allergens?

Insert the ingredient of you dishes, myfood
suggests you automatically
the allergens.
Allergens will be showed in the online menu and in the physical menu. In the “document area” you find the documents about allergens, following UE reg. 1169/2011, for example the allergens register.

See example allergens register (in italian)

3. myfood website

  • Personalized homepage with your logo
  • Map and address, to easily come to your restaurant
  • Contacts (telephone, mobile, mail,
    official website, social networks)
  • Link to updated and available menus
  • Opening hours
  • Other detailed information about the restaurane
    (cusine, smoking area, pets allowed, parking, etc.)

How can my customer access to myfood webiste?

  1. Share it on your social networks
  2. Print your QR code. Where you want!
  3. Through myfood research app (available soon): customers will find its best restaurant, based on the food (for example: gluten free, vegan, pizza, food with mushrooms, typical, ecc.)
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